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Our Story

Mykonos... The most famous of the Greek islands and world's most frequented vacation destination for the jet set has now arrived in the United States! This tiny Cycladic Island has become famous for its white washed buildings and winding narrow streets, its many postcard perfect windmills, and its deep blue sparkling sea.

It is on Mykonos that we have enjoyed the most wonderful grilled specialties, prepared from only the freshest ingredients and purest olive oil. This is the basis for the Mediterranean diet and it's not only delicious but good for you too! Mykonos Grill now brings these healthy and delectable specialties to you!‚Äč

Customer Reviews

Jenna A.

Loved it!! Some of the best souvlaki I've ever had. The gyro was not typical of what I'm used to but it is very good. Meat and pita then fix it up your way. Service was fast and attentive.

Dana S.

The food is ALWAYS good. Hot fresh and juicy everytime.! All their sandwiches come with plenty of meat. The restaurant is ALWAYS clean and the food comes out fast.

Whitney B.

If you are looking for authentic Greek cuisine Mykonos is the restaurant to go to. The menu boasts an impressive array of homemade sandwiches and subs you'd expect at a Greek restaurant.

Mark Curry

Best Cheesecake I've ever had. It was like melted clouds. Good food and good atmosphere. The chicken is just so juicy for being a chicken breast. Really enjoyed it.

Marcela Wells

This was Amazing! I had the Gyro and instead of fries had the salad. Great atmosphere and friendly service! The Baklava was delicious too! Came from Madison, NC to enjoy this Delicious food.

Susie Flores

We ordered to go and it was pretty quick and easy once we got through the line. The wait wasn't too bad. The food was great. We ordered the gyro and a gyro plate with greek salad which all was excellent.